6 Feb 2012

Five predection of S.E.O in 2012

 1 - The speed of loading pages will become THE standard to monitor

We talk for a long time and yet old habits die hard. The page load time will become one of the first efforts to provide for any webmaster. On the agenda: regime scripts, use the cache wisely and discovery CSS sprites. This rule will be more guarded for mobile sites that will receive a bonus on dedicated search engines. However, difficult application to a need for speed when loading of social sharing buttons are the weakest sites ...

2 - An extreme personalization of SERPS
Among the entire list of predictions, it is one I wish the least. Who says results customization said data recording in one way or another. Among these ways, self-connection and the connection memory could make the famous "not provided" is booming, result: no more stats, the only information will be kept by Google and issued in dribs and drabs. In addition to this, saying "I want to be first on this keyword on Google" would be unnecessary since there will be several first places by users.
Continuing in this theme (which is far too long for this article), one can imagine the evolution of the profession in the SEO to profile, capable of detecting specific Personnas to provide content and dedicated sites.
Only upside to all this: an increase in conversion rates for the largest that have the means to set up sites sprawling for cover as many people.

3 - The rise of social
Rumors are there: each social signal (whatever) is a signal used by Google. Matt Cutts warns, they are not all equal. This would mean that Google information about each of us, like a private Klout able to tell if you love shoes or champagne (or champagne in a shoe, you're weird, Google will know).
I'll spare you my theories on smoking data acquisition by Google, but in any case I am almost on the long term the strongest signals are: Twitter, Facebook and then Google +. Why this order? Simply data availability and ease of treatment, even if your name is Google, it does not mean you have access to all global data, in addition to its main competitor ...
And remember, your shares are located (see prediction 2) ...

4 - A set of tools for developing mobile versions
As pointed out earlier, the speed will be a core problem of referencing. With the development of mobile platforms, websites are advised to purify their sites and offer full or mobile version compatible mobile. Google's interest to provide access to resources, tools and popularize the creation of mobile tools for developing its Adwords service for mobile and its Android system and its chromebooks.
I will not make a paragraph on the M-commerce (or rather T-commerce as it will be rather on shelf) but again, we can expect very specific tools to create and follow this technological advance.

5 - The rise of Google +
Here is a prediction that goes into making cringe, I hear laughter from Andorra even as I write this. However, I have always been on that Google + happen to break even if the result is mixed for the moment (very large number of users but very low commitment) Google is really quite forward to advance the network and respond to lower user demand even if it means three months ahead of their schedule.
The insertion of the circles used heavily in products (gmail) and the appearance of pages in the SERPs company will strongly encourage responsible web / marketing / seo and above all the principals to want the same thing as their competitor. The real rise will be in the delivery of an API that is not read only, which puts out a long time. Once online, it will be possible to mount a real small showcase site with Google +.